Many people around us do not arouse any suspicions and yet they are main characters of a dual life.

DUAL LIVES is a detective novel and a love story, too, the plot of which takes place in Athens of today.

The author wishes with the way he writes to make the reader see with his imagination the whole story projected through images on the movie theater screen. During the narration, love scenes, conspiracies, murders come about and a detective along with a female historiographer tries to unravel a mysterious case related to a civil engineer, the Greek-Italian, Raphael Donato, who suffers from a type of neurosis: bulimia.

Raphael has the feeling that he is without a past but this gives him the confidence of independence which he considers to be one of the values in the freedom of thought. At some point, his lover Revekka Parisis, the wife of a rich businessman, decides to terminate their relationship. A mysterious man who hides a great secret invades Raphael’s life and starts to pursue him.

The detective Ghiannis Diamantidis is investigating four mysterious murders. Two of the victims are policemen. In just a few hours, Raphael unwillingly becomes the main character of a gripping

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  • Original Title:DOPPIEVITE(on the Italian market)